5 Reasons Why People From Other States Are Buying Land In Colorado

December 26, 2023

August 8th, Saguache, CO— The picturesque landscapes and thriving economy of Colorado have become a magnet for individuals seeking a slice of the American dream. The San Luis Valley, with its unparalleled natural beauty and promising economic opportunities, has witnessed a surge in land purchases by out-of-state and international buyers. Leading the charge is Own A Piece of Colorado (OAPOC), a trailblazing real estate company committed to making land ownership accessible and fulfilling. Sam Putnam, Vice President of Finance at OAPOC, outlines five compelling factors driving this trend.‍

  1. High Demand for Real Estate: Colorado's allure is undeniable, drawing in people from all corners of the country. Its stunning natural beauty, quality of life, and robust economy have made it a top destination for those looking to settle down. The availability of high-quality land for investment or development enhances the state's appeal.
  2. Economic Growth and Capital Gain: Colorado's diverse economy, spanning technology, renewable energy, outdoor industries, and tourism, is experiencing impressive growth. This economic dynamism contributes to long-term land appreciation, making it an attractive prospect for investors seeking capital gains. The land market has experienced its strongest growth in more than a decade, with Colorado taking much of the 6% year-over-year grow thin transactions in recent years.
  3. Urban and Commercial Development Potential: Strategic land acquisitions offer opportunities for urban and commercial development. The well-located parcels hold the potential to host housing,offices, or commercial establishments, promising substantial returns on investment.
  4. Tourism and Recreation: The state's breathtaking landscapes, encompassing majestic mountains, national parks, and an array of outdoor activities, have cemented Colorado's reputation as a tourist and recreational hub. Land near these sought-after areas presents the chance to tap into vacation rentals and tourism-related ventures.
  5. Stability and Quality of Life: Colorado's high quality of life, encompassing excellent education, top-notch healthcare,low crime rates, and an idyllic natural environment, ensures stability in the real estate market. These factors position Colorado as an appealing place to live, augmenting the long-term value of land investments.

However, purchasing land in Colorado can be challenging due to the complexity of differentiating between seemingly identical parcels listed at similar prices. Sam Putnam advises buyers to educate themselves on the nuances of buying rural land and encourages seeking guidance from local land advisors. OAPOC aims to level the playing field for prospective landowners by providing expert consultation and guidance through the process.William Zalaquett, Director of Strategy and Transactions at The Zalaquett Group, a respected real estate consultancy firm in Florida, notes that Colorado is “echoing the trends observed in Florida and Texas”. This trend follows recent migratory patterns within the United States, creating a race to secure land for development in the region.Presently, OAPOC offers a range of 35- to 40-acre parcels for interested parties to purchase immediately. The company also extends an exclusive offer for international customers. For updates, packages, and offers,visit www.ownapieceofcolorado.com

In terms of payment, OAPOC is offering different offers for its buyers.PAYMENTS:

  1. Cash - 5% DISCOUNT
  2. Seller financing:Down payment (depending on the land chosen) and 24 monthly payments.
  3. Lender Financing through EnhancifyApply using your ITIN or Social Security number - buy land with $0

Also, you can find more information in the company's brochure.Lot 1010 Brochure (https://assets-global.website-files.com/648a81e193490a620965943a/64df8f30c66aa6e6499e45e9_Lot%201010%20%5BOwn%20A%20Piece%20of%20Colorado%5D.pdf)Lot 2010 Brochure (https://assets-global.website-files.com/648a81e193490a620965943a/64df8f31dfd696bfe909d957_Lot%202010%20%5BOwn%20A%20Piece%20of%20Colorado%5D.pdf)‍Colorado's irresistible combination of natural beauty, economic prosperity, and quality of life has ignited a wave of land purchases by individuals from other states. OAPOC stands at the forefront of this movement, guided by its mission to facilitate access to premium land and empower individuals to transform their dreams into reality.

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